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Tenant Obligations

Tenant Obligations

Mains powered and 10-year non removeable battery alarms

Tenants are not responsible for the replacement of batteries providing back up for mains powered smoke alarms, or in 10-year non removeable battery alarms.

Maintenance and testing of smoke alarms

During a tenancy, every 6 months a tenant is required to:

  • Test all smoke alarms installed at the premises; and
  • Remove any dust and debris from the smoke alarms

Failure or malfunction of a smoke alarm

Where a smoke alarm fails or malfunctions a tenant must notify the owner/agent as soon as practible after becoming aware of the failure or malfunction

Miscellaneous provisions

The Act makes it an offence to remove, or interfere with the operation of, a smoke alarm in a tenanted property, except where alarms are removed for the purpose of repair or replacement. The Act also imposes penalties for failure to comply with these provisions.