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Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

Residential Tenancy (Smoke Alarms) Act 2012 and Residential Tenancy (Smoke Alarms) Regulations 2012

The Residential Tenancy Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Act 2012 (the Act) requires smoke alarms to be installed in residential rental properties in Tasmania from 1 May 2013.

Premises required to have smoke alarms


All buildings that are tenanted under a residential tenancy agreement are required to be fitted with smoke alarms from May 1 2013.

The regulations require smoke alarmsto be placed in tenanted premises that are, or are part of, a building that is Class 1a, Class 1b, Class 2 or Class 3 building or Class 4 premises under the Building Code of Australia.

Examples of the premises contained in each class include:

  • Houses, town houses, villa units etc. (Class 1a);

  • Small guest houses, boarding houses accomodating up to 12 persons (Class 1b);

  • Apartments and blocks of flats (Class 2);

  • Larger boarding houses (Class 3); and

  • Caretaker flats and residences above shope (Class 4)

Type of smoke alarms required


The regulations recognise that there may be changes to Standard 3786 - 1993 over time. In order to ensure that owners are not required to replace alarms every time this occurs, the regulations deem that once an alarm that complies with the Standard is installed in tenanted premises, it is taken to continue to comply with the Standard until such time as it:

  • No longer functions; or
  • Reaches its expiry date.
  • When an alarm is replaced, it must meet the requirements of the Standard at the timeof replacement.

This provision applies to alarms installed in tenanted premises both before and after commencement of the legislation. 


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