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As an Owner

You must maintain the property during the course of the tenancy agreement, to make sure it stays in a similar condition as agreed at the start of the tenancy. 

You must allow for reasonable wear and tear.

You are responsible for the replacement of:

  • inaccessible light globes and light tubes
  • tap washers
  • fuses not in a fuse box

As a Tenant

You must keep the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness, to make sure it stays in a similar condition as agreed at the start of the tenancy.

You are responsible for replaing common items such as:

  • light globes and light tubes that are reasonably accessible 
  • fuses in a fuse box

General (non-urgent) repairs

If repairs are needed:

  • A tenant must notify the owner/agent within 7 days;
  • If the tenant is not at fault for the repairs, the property owner must make the repairs at their own cost.
  • If the tenant casued the need for repair the tenant must pay any costs.

The property owner/agent has 28 days from when they were notified by the tenant to do the repairexcept if the repair relates to a cooking stove in which case the owner has 14 days;


Urgent and emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are usually required when damage occurs (eg, a broken window from a storm).

If this happens the tenant must notify the property owner of the urgent repair as soon as they are aware of the problem.

Essential services include:

  • water
  • sewerage
  • removal of waste water from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries
  • electricity
  • heating
  • cooking stove
  • hot water service

If an essential service has ceased to function, the property owner has an obligation to carry out the repairs as soon as practible after being notified of the need for repair. 


Request for Repairs

For after hours emergencies please phone 6425 7999

For general (non-urgent) maintenance repairs please complete the below maintenance form.

Maintenance Form