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Local History

Ulverstone History Museum

MuseumThe Ulverstone History Museum are situated at 50 Main Street, Ulverstone on the North West Coast of Tasmania. They house an extensive collection of records, photographs and memorabilia pertaining to the whole Central Coast District.

Their aims are to record and preserve as much information, both written, photographic and oral, and pertaining to the district, and present it in a form which is usable by the general public and serious researchers alike.


It is here for the benefit of all - particularly future generations.

The interior of their museum consists of constructed facsimile shop facades - all work being done by volunteers.

This enables us to display numerous artifacts & memorabilia pertaining to the area's development. Where possible, authentic 19th & early 20th Century building materials have been used in keeping with a bygone era.


Contact Details:

Address: PO Box 340, Ulverstone TAS 7315

Phone: (03) 6425 2839

Email: enquiries@ulvmuseum.org

Website: http://www.ulvmuseum.org/index.html

Penguin History Group

Penguin History GroupPenguin History Group maintains the History Room at the Penguin Railway Station, which is open Wednesdays from 10:00am to Noon and also by appointment.


Secretary: Pauline Lancaster - (03) 6437 1206




Contact Details:

Address: 10a Hampson Street, Penguin TAS 7316

Phone: (03) 6437 2712

Email: penguin.history@bigpond.com